AI for Dynamic systems

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Online Learning for Dynamic Systems

  • ML for Autonomous Systems

  • Deep Learning for Autonomy

intelligent autonomy

  • Safe Autonomy

  • Trustworthiness and Verifiability

  • Robust Autonomous Systems

  • Learning-based Perception and Control

  • Differential verification of Neural Networks

MultiAgent Autonomy

  • Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems

  • Planning in Multi-Agent Systems

  • Human-Machine Teaming

  • Decentralized learning in Teams

Autonomous VEHICLES

robotics and advanced manufacturing


Representative PROJECTS

Uncertainty-aware Framework for Specifying, Designing and Verifying Learning-enabled Cyber-Physical Systems

Learning Formal Abstractions and Causal Relations from Unstructured Data

Smart Robotic Assistants

Physics-Aware Decision Making

Learning Methods for Decentralized Control in Multi-Agent Systems

Strategic decision-making for communication and control in decentralized systems

Combining Optimal Control and Learning for Visual Navigation in Unknown Environments

Online Safety Assurances for Autonomous Navigation in Unknown Environments

CHASE.AI: Compositional and Hierarchical Verification and Synthesis of Systems Enabled by Artificial Intelligence

Formal Reinforcement Learning Methods for the Design of Safety-critical Autonomous Systems

Online Learning-based Real-time Control of Unknown Stochastic Systems

Multi-Agent Path Planning: Creating the Next-Generation of Planning Strategies for Autonomous Warehouse Robots

Safety Guard: A Formal Approach to Safety Enforcement in Embedded Control Systems


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